British Isles Graduate Workshop III

BIGWIII is the third edition of the annual summer workshop on themes in geometry. The theme of this workshop will be "Gauge Theory with a View to Higher Dimensions". The workshop will be held in Jersey from June 9th to June 15th, 2019.

The goal is to bring together a group of approximately 25 graduate students to work on a specific topic under the guidance of three senior mathematicians. The majority of the talks will be given by the participants, and there will be time in the afternoons and evenings for further discussions and more informal sessions. The character of the workshop is expository in nature, starting with the basic ideas and leading to a survey of the most recent developments in the field; no prior knowledge of the topic will be assumed. Since both the participants and the mentors will be living in the same building, we hope to create an informal, yet mathematically intensive, atmosphere.

For more information and to apply, please visit BIGWIII webpage.

PCMI 2019 Research Program

Complementing the more structured Graduate Summer School, which is primarily oriented toward younger mathematicians, the Research Program (RP) at PCMI is intended for mathematicians already in the midst of their research careers. The program offers advanced scholars the opportunity to work together with collaborators, attend research seminars and present their own work, and meet outstanding students.

The highly structured Graduate Summer School consists of several related minicourses:
1. Introduction to Gauge Theory (Andriy Haydys)
2. Introduction to Knot Theory (Jake Rasmussen)
3. Heegaard Floer Homology (Jennifer Hom)
4. Topological Quantum Field Theories/Knots and BPS states (Pavel Putrov)
5. Bordism categories, invertible field theories, and characteristic classes of smooth bundles (Soren Galatius)
6. BPS States and Spectral Networks (Andy Neitzke)
7. Advanced topics in (mathematical) gauge theory/Higgs bundles (Laura Schaposnik)
8. Floer homology (Tom Mrowka)

For more information please visit PCMI webpage.

Open PhD Positions

There are currently open PhD positions at the Research Training Group "Cohomological Methods in Geometry" in Freiburg. If you are interested to do your PhD in differential geometry (in particular, gauge theory and/or Riemannian manifolds with special holonomy groups), feel free to send an informal query per e-mail. For further information, have a look at open positions at the RTG.